Monday, October 1, 2007

My new wheels

I have learned quickly that one of the best ways to get our Tel Aviv is by bike. A few days ago, me and Oren went for a 4 hour bike ride along the sea and then the river using his bike and a bike left behind by the lady who used to live in our apartment. Neither bike was really the right size or style for me, but I did my best, and even though it was too tall (and I fell a few times- don't worry, nothing serious) and the seat was quite painful, I still really enjoyed seeing the city by bike and wanted to get one of my own.

So, today, still sore from my ride 2 days ago, I bought a pretty green bike. But not just a green bike- it is lime green and retro style, so it's all curvy with high handlebars and such. And, it has a basket. It's really quite wonderful and I love riding it. And, I'm pretty sure that I look really cool riding my green bike with my white helmet, stuff in my basket, and ringing my bell. Don't worry, there will be photos soon so that you don't have to use your imagination.

A random note- I have never watched more Star Wars than I have since I got to Israel. By the time me and Oren get home every night around 11pm, it seems that one of the only shows on TV in English is one of the Star Wars movies. I still am not sure why this is so popular in Israel (though I did hear one of the characters say "shalom" in the first movie). So far, I have now seen the first movie (the new one) and the fourth one (the first of the "old" ones). They are pretty good...I like the old ones better than the new ones... kinda random though. Maybe before I start having to go to bed at reasonable times I will have seen the entire series of Star Wars movies... one can only hope.

Anyway, I'm off for now. Force be with you.

P.S. Megster- Chutzpah is a Hebrew word, not Yiddish, and I am happy to help you continue your Hebrew education ;-) Today I learned Nak-ni-ki-ya- it means "Hot dog." I have found that Israeli's tend to like to re-create the "American fair" atmosphere on various occasions- last time I was here I experienced it in Jerusalem, and tonight in Tel Aviv. They put up all sorts of food stands in an area that sell all "American" style fair food... like hot dogs, pizza, burgers, fries... and even sell frozen yogurt called "American Ice Cream" which basically really thick frozen yogurt. It's very funny and after I had some "American Ice Cream", I started craving a hot dog, hence, the new vocab word. Enjoy!

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Jodi said...

my pre-coffee'd coment of the day re: you blog that i am finally catching up on:

star wars is popular because natalie portman was born in israel. there has to be some correlation!

with chutzpah,